Operații Biliare

We guarantee the safety and sterility of medical equipment as well as the non-disclosure of information.


We use only the most modern medical equipment, skills for modern trends and innovations introducing into our practice.

Chirurgie Colorectală

Doctors of our clinic have international certificates and are recognized all over the world. All staff are interned abroad.

Chirurgia Herniilor

Modern medicine is developing very quickly and we can offer our clients the most up-to-date approaches and protocols.

Chirurgie De Urgență

You can make an appointment for a doctor and also receive a reminder before the visit to the clinic.

Chirurgie Laparoscopică

We have developed special programs allowing our clients to periodically visit a doctor to monitor their health.

We will help to find health, to everyone.

The optimum ratio of price and quality responsible and conscientious approach

On the basis of the medical center “Nordis” can be given a thorough examination of the body and get the advice of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine. According to studies, our doctors will make an individual program of prevention and treatment of identified diseases, directed to a surgical treatment if necessary. In today’s operational department conducted a wide range of operations under local and general anesthesia.

Cătălin Aliuș
MD, Msc, Pg.Dip.HM, MRCSI, PhD

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The optimum ratio of price and quality responsible
and conscientious approach


Locații – Mă puteți găsi în următoarele locații, unde puteți beneficia de servicii medicale gratuite cu bilet de trimitere

Luni-Vineri: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Sâmbătă: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Spitalul Universitar– Splaiul Independenței 169
Clinica PriMed – Str. Doctor Sergiu Dumitru 5
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